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The Able Ebenezer Brewing Company opened its doors in the summer of 2014, when former US Army Officers and aspiring entrepreneurs set out to pursue their ambitions. Motivated by their combined abilities, inspired by local New Hampshire revolutionary history, and driven by their love of beer, the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company was formed.

Able Ebenezer's name is branded from the inspirational actions of local New Hampshire citizens who rallied behind Ebenezer Mudgett in 1772 to defy British oppression. History remembers this event as the Pine Tree Riot.

Ebenezer was a colonial citizen from southern NH. He was known as a hard-working man, making a living as an inn-keeper, merchant and licensed liquor retailer. New Hampshire being a state rich in tall White Pine trees, Ebenezer also made a living logging.

Enter the Pine Tree Law: In the 1700’s, the British (whose nation had become nearly completely deforested) passed a law mandating any White Pine tree greater than 12 inches in diameter was property of the British government. This law was considered by working colonists to be more offensive than the Stamp Act and Tea Tax because it directly seized a prized colonial commodity that grew on their own land. Loggers and Mill Owners in southern New Hampshire obeyed the law, until Ebenezer Mudgett took a stand.

British law enforcement issued a warrant for the arrest of Ebenezer, who had been found in severe violation of the Pine Tree Law, possessing 270 logs ranging from 17-36 inches in diameter. 

They organized a posse in Derryville (now Manchester), and proceeded west to hunt down Ebenezer. On the evening of April 13, 1772, Ebenezer organized and rallied his fellow citizens, arguing that they shouldn't be forced to blindly give up what was rightfully their property. The following morning, Ebenezer and his men staged what has come to be known as the Pine Tree Riot. They blackened their faces, stormed the inn where the British camped, fought them and drove them out of town. The men were subsequently labelled "notorious offenders," and the military was dispatched to respond. When Ebenezer and his conspirators were finally captured, the New Hampshire courts let them go free. This marked the first event whereby both colonists and local government engaged in an act of civil disobedience against British oppression.

The Pine Tree Riot became an inspiring event for the riots in Portsmouth and the Boston Tea Party, and the NH White Pine tree became a symbol used widely on flags during the American Revolution, first seen at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Ebenezer went on to fight on behalf of New Hampshire in the Revolutionary war, repelling the British Saratoga Campaign in upstate New York at Ticonderoga, and in Vermont at the Battle of Bennington.

For these reasons; the courageous actions of a common citizen and his display of sheer individual ability, we establish ourselves as the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company.


We are committed to producing and delivering bold and revolutionary products in order to create the best craft ale experience.




A red style ale inspired by Irish tradition, focusing on roasted specialty malts to give it a deep ruby-colored hue. Its exceptionally smooth, crisp and satisfyingtaste makes it a delicious alternative to the strong, bitter ales one has come to expect from craft beer. Sessionable and excitable, Auburn is great for every occasion.



An IPA brewed with smoked specialty malt and a bevy of complex hops to give it a unique smoke-filled conclusion with a strong aroma. As surprising as it is revolutionary.



An IPA brewed with citrusy hops that give it a deliciously sweet flavor. Combined with caramel and specialty malts, this golden-colored ale leaves you with a refreshingly crisp finish. 



Victory Nor Defeat's blended base malt profile provides the perfect balance to the bevy of citrus and tropical fruit hop flavors, making this beer a favorite among IPA and non-IPA drinkers alike.

**Currently only available in The Ale Room.





A blend of orange and lemon zest, combined with coriander in true Belgian fashion. It comes light in color and rich in flavor, partnered with strong hop undertones and a refreshing finish.

**Available every Spring/Summer



A true seasonal, Homecoming is brewed with over 250lbs of locally grown sugar pumpkins from Sunnycrest Farm. Full-bodied and packed with pumpkin flavor, combined with a light touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a mix of citrus peels.

**Available every Fall.




An Amber style ale that is delicately balanced with caramel, honey and fruit flavors that give it a strong, pronounced amber color. It is designed to confuse the senses while warming the soul. Tabula Rasa is in a category all its own.

**Available every winter; released New Years Eve.

The Ale Room

The Ale Room at Able Ebenezer was built to be a relaxing place to share stories and enjoy a fresh beer in the midst of our Brewery. In essence, we built a place that represents us, our company and our story; a place we would want to drink in ourselves.

Prior to prohibition, every local area had a butcher, a grocer, a baker, and amongst many other things, a brewer. Local and regional brewers were very common, and many hosted tasting rooms where local citizens could come try their wares and fill growlers with their favorites to share with friends and family. Prohibition ended all of those local brewers, and it has been a several-decades long journey back to where brewers are commonplace in NH. With this in mind, we designed our facility to include a pre-prohibition style ale room; where you can come enjoy our beer right where it's made, poured by the people who make it.

During our open hours, we offer pints, samples, flights, 1 & 2-liter growler purchases/fills, as well as company merchandise. We also offer tours of the facility and brewing process, for those of you who would like a personal introduction to our work.

The room features a historical art, favorite books from our personal collections, our 27-foot long NH White Pine bar top (cut fresh from a local pine tree), and our tap handles (also cut fresh from NH White Pine and branded in New Boston, NH). 

With that, we invite you to come join us at the bar for a fresh beer and a good story.





(844) 2BE–ABLE


31 Columbia Circle
Merrimack, NH 03054


Mon-Fri           4:00p–8:00p
Sat & Sun      12:00p–8:00p


beer prices

Pints      $5
Tasters  $2

1 Liter Growlers
Growler + Fill   $15
Growler Re-Fill  $7

2 Liter Growlers
Growler + Fill    $25
Growler Re-Fill   $14


Mike Frizzelle

Head Brewer | Co-Founder

Mike is the guy that pays attention to the details, and is driven by a desire to create something real and tangible that people value; that's why he's the brewer. That, and his extensive homebrewing experience. He developed all of the company's beer recipes and also designed the company logo, having taught himself Adobe Illustrator by watching a copious amount of YouTube videos.

Mike is originally from California, and grew up in the greater Los Angeles area. He received his B.S. in Business Marketing from Sonoma State University in the Bay Area.

Following graduation from Sonoma State, Mike earned a commission in the U.S. Army. Assigned to the 1st Armored Division, he served as a Platoon Leader, Forward Observer, and Fire Direction Officer, including a deployment to Basra, Iraq. At the rank of First Lieutenant, Mike left the Army to pursue and complete an MBA from San Diego State University.

Presented with the opportunity to build a brewery of his own, he sold everything that didn't fit into the back of his pickup truck, including his beloved motorcycle, and moved to New Hampshire. Although he misses the beaches of So Cal, he knows that life only gives you so many opportunities to live it on your terms.

Carl Soderberg

Head Engineer & Brewer | Co-Founder

Carl is a man who is passionate about individual ability, hard work, good times and great beer. He serves as the Account Man and Engineer of Able Ebenezer, having designed and built the brewery systems/processes, as well as managing the sales activities for the company.

Born and raised in the greater Washington, DC area, Carl sought to separate himself from the culture and atmosphere that the government presence created in the area. He received his B.S. from the University of New Haven. He later performed graduate work at Tufts University (Bioengineering) and Southern New Hampshire University (MBA).

Following graduation from UNH, Carl enlisted in the US Army, where he earned a commission into the officer corps. He was assigned to the 1st US Cavalry Regiment, where he served as a Platoon Leader, Executive Officer and Troop Commander, including a deployment overseas to the Rashaad Valley of Iraq. At the rank of Captain, he resigned in 2011 to find home.

Following his exit from the military, Carl was drawn to New Hampshire because of its unique, independent culture and “Live Free or Die” spirit. After spending a couple years managing biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the area, he left the role to pursue his dream of delivering a bold craft ale experience to his fellow citizens. You’re welcome.

Heather Martin

Account Manager

Being the second employee and first female at Able, Heather is a woman who has a passion for sales and marketing, management, learning, new experiences, and bringing laughter and a smile to everyone she meets.

Heather manages all operations for the Ale Room here at the brewery, which has grown into its own distinct entity with the success of the company. Being a natural people person, she works to provide visitors the best Able experience. She will also be managing marketing and events for the Ale Room. 

Born and raised in Southern New Hampshire, she majored in Business Administration and graduated with high honors in 2010 with her Bachelor's degree from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Following graduation, she quickly found her niche in promotions within the beverage industry, working as a promotional specialist. Her work as a promotional specialist soon led to a promotion as Area Manager of NH, ME, and VT. She planned executed, and managed thousands of events yearly, as well as recruited, trained, and managed hundreds of promotional staff. Her competitive nature and desire to exceed expectations ensured in helping expand the number of events executed for clients and obtaining a near perfect staffing rate. 

Upon leaving her role as Area Manager, she sought out other roles within the beverage industry and when presented with the opportunity to join the Able team, she jumped knowing her ideals and values closely mirrored that of the company. She looks forward to making visitors of the Ale Room a part of the family and introducing the community to great, craft beer. 

Jake Felton

Renaissance Man

Jake has the passion and drive to push our brewery into new places, and to get our pints into new people's hands.  As our first employee, he has a hand in brewing, marketing, sales, and deliveries.

Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, Jake is known by many.

Following his high school graduation, Jake joined the Army.  After graduating basic training in 2007, he was assigned to the 94th Military Police Company in Londonderry, New Hampshire, where he served as a gunner. Jake deployed to Iraq from 2010-2011, and left the army in December of 2013.

During and after his time in the military, Jake worked several jobs.  Each gave him different tools and ways of viewing and solving problems. From working on custom motorcycles, to managing coffee shops, to being an assistant manager at a health care facility—Jake was the perfect fit to be Able Ebenezer's Renaissance Man.

"Everything and everyone has a story here. I am lucky enough to be able to tell them."


You can find our beers on tap in fine establishments throughout Southern New Hampshire, with new locations being added weekly.

Licensed establishments interested in serving our ales can e-mail us at info@ableebenezer.com.


Auburn Pitts


Barley House (Rotating)


Copper Door
Canoe Restaurant & Tavern
Bedford Village Inn
Manchester Country Club (Rotating)
River Road Tavern (Rotating)
Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse


Nine Lions Tavern


Fitzwilliam Inn


High Street Farmhouse


North Side Grille


NE’s Tap House Grille


T-Bones Great American Eatery
Cactus Jack's


Murphy’s Taproom
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Strange Brew Tavern
The Pint Publik House
Thirsty Moose


Able Ebenezer Ale Room
Buckley’s Great Steaks
Tortilla Flat


Barking Monkie
Olde Kilkenney Pub  
J’s Tavern
Mile Away Restaurant


Burton's Grill
Country Tavern Restaurant
Fody's Great American Tavern
Longhorn Steakhouse
MT's Local Kitchen (Rotating)
O'Shea's Irish Pub & Cigar Shop
Pig Tale
Riverside BBQ
Sky Meadow Country Club
Surf Restaurant
Thirsty Turtle
UNO Pizzeria & Grille
Whole Foods Market


Molly's Tavern and Restaurant


Bantam Grill


Rí Rá Irish Pub
Earth Eagle Brewings (Rotating)


Gordo's Burritos & Tacos
Cork N' Keg Grill
Tuckaway Tavern


Cannon Lounge
On the Rox Lounge & Cigar Bar (Rotating)
Rochester Country Club
The Garage (Rotating)


Mill Pond Tavern
T-Bones Great American Eatery


Friendly Red's Tavern


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