For the Love of Football

If there's one thing we love about the fall, it's that it's also football season.

Recently, I thought back to a year ago; back when we were brewing daily in the garage, finalizing our business plan, and dreaming of the day we’d open our brewery. During those times, it was common for us to brew on Sunday’s during football games. We would stream the audio of any games we could through a laptop computer, which was shoddy at best. In those moments, we promised ourselves that the day we opened the brewery, not only would the brewing floor have a dedicated TV, but we would showcase games in our bar every chance we could.

One year later, we've done just that.

That love of football and the camaraderie it brings has led us to our new Sunday focus here at the brewery’s Ale Room. After all, what goes together better than fresh craft beer and football?

Not only does our Ale Room feature big-screen, HD TV’s for game days, but we also partnered with ESPN New Hampshire to host their new NFL Countdown, “The Able Ebenezer Kickoff Show,” here at the brewery with us.  A number of the segments will feature not only members of the brewery, but also those of you drinking with us during the show. The show also features Tristan Cockcroft, Senior Writer from ESPN to talk all things fantasy football for those of you looking to set your line-ups prior to game-time. Finally, we will be inviting food trucks from around the area to come set up shop here to provide a wide array of options to enjoy during the games.

We are also committing to remaining open past 8pm on Mondays to host the NFL’s Monday Night Football. We begin the new hours tomorrow as the New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

With that, we welcome you to come join us for a pint during the games. Here’s too football. Cheers.


Co-Founder | Accounts & Engineering