Willing & Able

I am pleased and proud to introduce the newest members of our family here at Able Ebenezer. They represent the ideals and principles of the company, as well as our first jobs created as a business, and we are elated to have them on board in full-time roles.

Jake Felton has never brewed a day in his life. Nor has he ever worked in this industry, whether it be production, distribution or sales. However, what Jake does possess is a great deal of passion, work ethic and problem solving. In essence, Jake is a professional at getting things done.

Jake was born and raised in southern NH. Following graduation from high school, he enlisted in the US Army and was trained to be an MP (we’ve forgiven him for that). He deployed in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn with the 94th Military Police Company out of Londonderry NH. He earned promotion into the non-commissioned officer corps, and after 6 years of service, he chose not to renew his contract in December 2013 and pursue a new challenge.

I met Jake in June at the Olde Kilkenney Pub in Milford, NH. I delivered a keg of our Auburn Ale, and proceeded to have a fresh pint with a number of the local veterans. Jake expressed interest in helping us build, and although he was not shy about admitting his lack of experience, he was also not shy about how he would have no problem overcoming that…just as we did. We interviewed 6 very well-qualified and able veterans, and Jake was just what we needed. He now serves as a salesman, brewer, warehouser, distributor, and bartender. I told him he could select his own title, and in honor of his ability to do everything, he chose “Renaissance Man.” My bad.

Heather Martin comes to us with a great deal of the one thing we all are lacking: industry experience. She has planned, executed and managed marketing and promotion efforts for several beer, wine and spirit brands across 3 states, as well as built and led multiple promotion teams. Furthermore, she has extensive working knowledge and experience within the sales and distribution industry. I think I now report to her…

Heather is also a native of southern NH, and resident of Merrimack NH. She embodies the Live Free or Die attitude and maintains a strong passion for serving her fellow citizens. A very competitive and capable individual, she began exploring the market for a new challenge. Although she was offered even grander marketing roles down in Boston, she turned them down when she noticed a Facebook post for a Bar & Events Manager at a local startup brewery.

That post on Facebook drove nearly 40 applicants. Of those, we interviewed 7 individuals who all had the knowledge and ability to do the job. Even though Heather came with a wealth of experience, it was her willingness to “leave paradise” for the chance to build something new and make it her own that motivated us to bring her on board. She now runs all operations around our Ale Room here at the brewery, and will be working to provide you the best Able experience possible.

I welcome you all to join us at the bar and meet them both. They would love the opportunity to share their story with you over a pint or two.


Co-Founder | Accounts & Engineering