Live Music at the Ale Room

Working at Able Ebenezer, my love for beer has almost surpassed my love of music. Almost. What we do here at the brewery is just as much of an art form as music. We put our soul, passion, and personality into every drop of our product, and we are proud of it. Music is the universal language, while sharing a beer comes in at a close second, so why not combine the two? 

Eric Monfette, one of our patrons, approached me about hosting a music event at our brewery. He had been saving up the money to book our Ale Room, and was excited to act on it. I loved the idea and wanted to be a part of it, so I suggested that we create an open forum where anyone can come in to and enjoy the music, or perform themselves. Rather than have an event booked, we decided to partner with Eric and make his open mic nights a part of our regular regimen.

Eric is a part of Balanced Breakfast of both Boston and New Hampshire; a group of local music industry professionals. Balanced Breakfast was first founded in the San Francisco Bay Area by Andy Freeman & Stefan Aronsen in an effort to support the local music scene for both musicians and industry professionals. The group in Boston is run by Angela Mastrogiacomo, while Eric runs New Hampshire. The mission of Balanced Breakfast is to help the Boston and New Hampshire scene become a place where musicians and industry professionals can make money doing what they love— performing and sharing their music. 

Our Ale Room has always been warm and inviting. It is a welcoming place for all, and for some it is even a second living room. I have been seeking a way to set the bar higher and I believe I have found it.

With that, my friends, I wish to invite you to our first open mic hosted in the Ale Room this coming Monday. Our biggest goal has been to tell our story and share with you our passion. Come join us in sharing that with musicians from all over this great state.

Renaissance Man