Carl's Weekly Update | 4.14.14

This past week was very productive at Able Ebenezer.

  • We completed our trench floor drain and wastewater pretreatment system.

  • Paint is just about finished throughout the facility (aside from touch-up work).

  • Our new pine wood flooring has started to go in.

  • Associated piping for the brewhouse is complete.

  • Our tap handles went into production.

I would like to expand on that last item, because tap handles are an item that every brewer needs to invest in if they are interested in being on tap at local venues. Like much of the other work we’ve done to build this brewery, we decided to make the handles ourselves. The idea we had was to brand the names and logos into the side of NH White Pine, creating a look that we feel represents us well.

We acquired a White Pine tree from here in the town of Merrimack. From that tree, we began cutting, shaping, fitting and finishing handles. This week, we brought the handles to New Boston, NH to our branding artist; we came away with what we have decided will be the final product (see image below).

This coming week, we have several items on our plate, and will try to get all of them.

  • First off, we are welcoming the new season by taking today (the 242nd anniversary of the Pine Tree Riots) and heading to the Seacoast for NH brewed beer and sun.

  • Finishing of the brewhouse floor, then moving equipment into final position.

  • Finishing of the tasting room and lobby flooring.

  • Final electrical and plumbing work within the facility.

  • Commencing of propane piping and burner work (boil kettle).

A special thank you again to every one of our followers. Be sure to take some time this week to enjoy a beer brewed right here in the “Live Free or Die” state. Cheers, everyone!


Co-Founder | Accounts & Engineering