Carl's Weekly Update | 4.2.14

It is officially the spring season, and this means that we are getting closer to the grand opening of the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company. My partners and I know that you are very interested in when we will open our doors and make Able Ebenezer beer available to all. Therefore, we will be publishing weekly detailed updates to ensure that you, our followers, are up to date on the latest developments of our facility build and opening timeline. With that, here is where we are as we mark the beginning of Spring: In December 2013, we announced the plan to open a new brewery in Merrimack, establishing a facility occupying the high-ground overlooking the intersection of the DW Highway and Columbia Circle (@ 31 Columbia Circle). Since that time, a number of engineering, construction and regulatory activities have commenced. They include:

  • Complete resurfacing of our facility’s concrete floor, and thorough cleaning of the entirety of the space (a clean brewery produces clean beer).

  • Accumulation and building of our brewing equipment (boil, mash, heat exchangers, mill, fermenters, brite/conditioning tank, etc).

  • The building of the tasting room.

  • Framing of our 27’ bar.

  • Delivery of our kegs, growlers, pints and tasters.

  • Painting walls, ceiling, etc.

  • Federal approval of our Brewer’s Qualification.

  • Many other miscellaneous activities, many of which can be seen on our Facebook page.

Ahead are a number of activities that we are taking on each and every day as we progress towards opening. In the coming week, we will execute the following:

  • Digging out 40’ of concrete floor to install our trenched floor drain and implement our waste water pre-treatment process.

  • Piping work on our custom 10-BBL (310-gallon) brewing system.

  • Complete plumbing and electrical installation in our new tasting room.

  • Brewing.

With that, we are on target to open later this spring. We will continue to update you all on our progress each week, and will make it known when we are able to announce a date for our grand opening. Until then, we welcome all of your questions and comments, and look forward to the opportunity to share a beer with you in the coming months. Prost!


Co-FOunder | Accounts & Engineering