Carl's Weekly Update | 5.20.14

Production operations are ongoing at the facility. For us, it has been a long road turning a battery distribution warehouse into a 10-barrel brewery and tasting room; a journey that is now coming to an end. Now, a new chapter begins.

With that, however, comes what we've worked so hard to achieve: the chance to share our passion and production with you all in the form of revolutionary, Able ales. We recognize that this phase will bring new challenges, but are excited about facing and overcoming them together.

The last thought I want to share with you all from this build phase is this: the decision to "burn the ships" and leave "paradise" to pursue a work of passion is not an easy one. Since doing so ourselves, we have endured months of unexpected obstacles, heavy stress, never-ending days, and sleepless nights without earning pay of any kind...not to mention the bevy of individuals who couldn't believe we were even trying in the first place. Reflecting on the past several months, I told my partners that I have never been more stressed in my life, including my time overseas in Iraq. However, I have also never been happier.

This is why we admire and are inspired by those who do it anyway. They don't care how difficult, illogical or crazy their passion may be. Like Ebenezer and his Rioters, they know what they want and are willing to put in endless effort to get it done, and in doing so bring value to fellow citizens. We knew that this brewery was what we wanted; that it was a crazy idea with a long, difficult journey ahead...but if we pulled it off, we could share our ales with you all; bringing an able experience to able people with able beer.

This is why we started Able Ebenezer.

With that, we still have a great deal of that journey left to take on, so we're going to get back at it. We want to thank all of you who have followed our work and our story these past few months. I look forward to pouring you a fresh beer on the afternoon ofJune 14th.


Co-Founder | Accounts & Engineering