Job Creation

The aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur has been with each of us for many years. The many reasons why do include the obvious: flexibility of being one's own boss, the ability to turn a passion into a career, the future benefits of owning a successful business, the love of hard-work, and the thrill of a competitive challenge. However, there is one aspect which we have held dear; an area that typically isn't discussed at great length when talking about business start-up and ownership.

Last year, while we were authoring our business plan, we projected that Able Ebenezer would create it's first full-time job sometime around the end of the first year in operation (~summer 2015). I am happy to announce that after 5 weeks of operation, we have achieved this goal. 

This was not an easy decision to make. As Zach has been saying since the very beginning, hiring someone is not as simple as throwing the smallest amount of money possible at someone in exchange for their labor. By offering someone a job, we are becoming a part of their life and livelihood, and they a part of ours. As such, it was our responsibility to ensure that before we began searching for someone to hire, we needed to be sure that the business could sustain an employee at a good pay rate permanently; people change their lives when they commit to a job, and the work they do supports their individual hopes, goals and loved ones. Hiring someone today to only have to reduce hours/pay or let them go in the future is poor business practice and honestly, un-American.

Since we have far exceeded our expectations in demand and sales with our line of individualistic craft ales, our method of doing business, and the ardent support of citizens like yourself, we find ourselves in a great position to bring a new member onto the team here at Able Ebenezer. In doing so, we have realized our dream of creating a job within the local economy, and thus created a livelihood that did not exist before. I am confident that this will be the first of many to come.

In an effort to support those who also rose their right hand and were willing to endure the challenges/sacrifices of supporting a free society where businesses can be built and jobs can be created, we interviewed a number of local veterans for the role. As veterans ourselves, we believe in not forgetting where we came from.

We will introduce the newest member of our team in the coming weeks; we know you will embrace them and their story just as you have embraced ours. Have a great, productive work week; we'll see you for a cold pint when your work is done.


Co-Founder | Accounts & Engineering