A Tax-Free Establishment

No one enjoys taxes, we merely tolerate them. We consider them a necessary evil that we begrudgingly pay each year so the wheels of government may continue rotating. Sometimes we’re pleased with the results, and other times we aren't.

This is why we demand efficient government; we entrust them with our hard-earned dollars, and in return we expect them to facilitate certain services. What services they should provide and how effective they are is constantly debated; debates we don’t really care to partake in.

Instead, in keeping with Ebenezer’s stand for property rights, we simply believe that when someone creates value from their work, that value belongs to them until they willfully choose to utilize it. Thomas Jefferson put it well: “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

Today, the “Live Free or Die” state already has a strong reputation for being tax-friendly. This state imposes no income tax, no sales tax and no capital gains tax on its citizens. However, NH does levy a tax on meals, which was raised to 9% in 2009. Yes, beer sold in our Ale Room is subject to this tax.

Remaining consistent with the NH spirit of minimizing the tax burden on the citizenry, we at Able Ebenezer eat the 9% tax in all of our pricing at the Brewery.

When we say a pint costs you $5, we mean $5; not $5.45.

Rather than pass the tax along to you, we prefer keeping Able Ebenezer a tax-free environment; we simply pay the tax each month directly out of our revenues. We are committing to this model as a reminder that NH thrives when taxes are low, and hopefully encourage our great state to drive them even lower.

That, and we like even numbers.

With that, we invite you to come enjoy the fruits of your labor in this tax-free establishment that is the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company. Cheers.


Co-Founder | Accounts & Engineering