Behind The Pine Curtain

The first thing I hear when telling people about my job is how lucky I am.  Who knew working at a brewery is everyone's dream job? I can now understand why—not just because I work at a brewery, but because I work at this brewery.

When I met Carl at a local bar in Milford, I had no idea I was meeting my future employer. It began with a simple handshake, but by the time he handed me his business card I knew I wanted to work at Able. After sending in my resume and waiting forever (two days), I received a text to schedule an interview. After sweating bullets during the process, it was over quickly, and I was left to wait and see.

Three long weeks and multiple annoying texts to Carl later (he should not have given me his number) I was asked to meet at the same bar where we first met. It had been so long, and I had bugged him so much.  When we met, the first thing I asked was if he “picked a public place to break up with me.”

Needless to say, I was offered the job and I couldn't be happier. The small team of people we have working here put everything into this place. The sacrifices and amount of love put into this company by the founders isn't measurable, and it is something that is easy to get behind.

One thing that stands out to me is the first week of me "working" at the company. I wasn't on the payroll yet, nor was I an official employee. I was also without a working car. Carl took time out his busy day while starting a new business to help someone he had just met—he did this because he believed in me; that I was right for the company.

Mike has taken me under his wing and shown me the ropes of brewing, which I am picking up slowly. Working on my first beer is an incredible opportunity. I know Mike is looking forward to being able to step back, watch me figure out all the things he had to go through, and laugh. I know I would.

As you can imagine, it was interesting working in a place with all guys—all that changed when Heather came on board. Heather took no time in giving us crap, in a good way of course. From being able to deal with us and our horrible jokes, to getting the Ale room off its feet and into the amazing place that it is now, I couldn't imagine this place without everyone we have on the team. Since starting at Able, I have never felt like I am going into work—I'm going to a place filled with friends & family. There just happens to be a lot of beer as well.

This brings me to you, our patrons. You have taken us into the community, and spread our story. All of our hard work would be for not if it wasn't for the outpouring of support from you guys. With our six month mark coming up in December, we are far ahead of where we anticipated being. I look forward to the future—to new beers, new friends, and new business. The momentum we have is strong, thanks to our hard work and your support of it.

So, here is to you, and to the humble beginnings of a company started by hard working people who simply believed in something.

Cheers to you, and everything that lies ahead.


Renaissance Man