On Traditions (and Sweaters)

Between rushing out to Black Friday sales, finally finishing off those Thanksgiving leftovers, and appreciating having our power back, the holiday season has begun. There's no doubt that this season brings a level of chaos to our lives, but with the holidays also come the comfort & pleasure of traditions.

Here at Able, we are beginning to forge our own traditions. We love to challenge ourselves with new experiences. Heather and I took Mike and Carl to Noel's Tree Farm in Litchfield for their first real Christmas tree selection. After all, the Ale Room needed a tree.

After the haggling that most families go through while finding the perfect tree, we decided on one. Later, sitting by the fire place, we discussed our own past traditions and what we feel that a tree should look like. Heather decided she should be in charge of the tree decorating—we completely agreed. If left to Carl, Mike or myself, who knows what kind of Charlie brown tree would be in our Ale Room. It looks perfect, so much so that many thought it was fake.

With that, we would like to welcome you to create a new tradition with us. At some point, I'm sure we have all received a sweater that was created out of love, but a love that might a little out of touch with fashion. Of course we can't throw these away, so they sit hanging in our closet...until this time of year. With that, I would like to invite you to our first Ugly Sweater Open Mic this Monday beginning at 4pm. Come enjoy the sights of everyone's favorite knitted garment, the sounds of local musicians, and the taste of our fresh ales.

We hope to see you proudly wearing the gift for which the saying "It's the thought that counts" was probably invented. Cheers.

Jake Felton

Renaissance Man