Carl Soderberg


Carl was born and raised in Maryland (so don’t be surprised if he calls you “sir” or “ma’am”) and fell in love with craft beer at a beer festival in El Paso, TX while stationed there during his time in the Army.

Following his exit from the military, Carl got a sweet job managing a biopharmaceutical manufacturing team in Cambridge, MA, but soon realized that manufacturing beer would be way sweeter. Somehow he convinced his friend from the Army (Mike) to move to New Hampshire from California, and Able Ebenezer was born.

Carl spends most of his free time digging up history on and serving as commissioner of the ultra-competitive Able Ebenezer Fantasy Football League. That is, until he convinces someone to go all in with him on his real dream, opening a breakfast diner.

Voted 2018“Biggest Flirt” by the Able Ebenezer team.