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Nicole was born and raised in Manchester, NH. She spent her high school years bussing tables at a local diner, and training in the projection booth at Cinemagic. Despite all the chaos, she fell in love with the service industry. Years later she landed a position as a bartender, slinging drinks and submerging herself into the craft beer world.

In 2016, Nicole’s sense of adventure lead her on a 500 mile hike across the state of Colorado. During her hiatus, she established that she would never be able to have a desk job, and would one day open a restaurant of her own (she promises to serve Able Ebenezer when that happens).

Throughout the winter months she enjoys tearing up the mountain on her snowboard (trust us, she’s better than you) and indulging in a craft beer, or two, in the lodge. When the warmer weather hits, she spends an abundance of her time camping, gardening and simply being outdoors.