Equal Voice

Before Able, I've held many jobs—some as an employee, some as a manager, and even a soldier. Through all of those positions, there was an established balance between who worked for whom, and if/when you could voice your opinion. Most companies—good or bad—have a hierarchy and a way of doing things that have been engraved into them. With our company, we have the opportunity to break that hierarchy and re-define the balance between employees and employers. At Able, we have the ability to create a business model around the values that we have all looked for in a job.

The work environment here at Able is very unique—there are barely titles here, and everyone's opinion is valued. No matter how crazy an idea might be, it is still heard, vetted, and decided on by the individual deemed responsible for that area. We all have notebooks or scraps of paper where we scribble our thoughts and ideas. With this group, the list is never short.

The opportunity to be creative here is equally important. For example, my desk, which I made out of a old pallet and some spare wood, is always accompanied by my guitar. While taking sales orders, writing blogs or thinking of new ideas for beer recipes, I can take a break to play and let the ideas come. When it comes to brainstorming and transforming thoughts into a tangible idea, anything is welcome here.

The thoughts you don't voice because someone might have said them need to be voiced the loudest; when someone thinks but doesn't speak, an idea dies before it has a chance. Here at Able, we build and work with of each other to create the best place for ideas to grow; has made for some good times over great beers with all of you. As the great Bill Nye said, "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.”

Here is to thinking out of the box and giving light to ideas so they can grow. Cheers.

Renaissance Man