A Surprising Year

Where are we now?

One strong dolly, an over-worked Transit Connect and a few ratchet straps later, I’ve witnessed Able Ebenezer come quite far for a self-distributing brewery just now marking it's first year. For me, it has been an adventure doing what I love...and I cannot stress enough how incredible it is having found work that I truly love.

After leaving the US Army in December 2013, I began bouncing around between jobs, seeking something that had purpose...something I believed in. In June, I was laid off from a role when they could no longer offer the 30-35 hours of work per week they had able to give. This was when I met Carl, and heard about the opportunity at Able Ebenezer. I knew nothing about brewing or the complicated distribution business, but I did know was I was willing to work tirelessly to learn it, especially with a company that had purpose. I was surprised when I was hired.

Joining this company a just few weeks in, I was given opportunities and learning experiences that aren't close to being fully realized. If a year ago you had asked me how to make a great beer, or how to logistically keep track of accounts that span most of Southern New Hampshire, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to respond. The answer is “very carefully.”

Through that careful hard work and your support, we have created quite a name for ourselves in these first twelve months. From tasters up to pints, from grilled cheeses to hot dogs, and from a couple restaurants to over 40. Thinking back, I remember seven establishments seemed like far too many to keep track of, but am now finishing out the year with forty-two. Overall, this year has been full of surprises for me.

To quote the man I always turn to:

"History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again."

-Kurt Vonnegut

While we don't know exactly what is ahead of us, we know it will be bigger and better.

As great as milestones are, after the 13th we will continue our movement forward. Expanding our lines of attack and seeking those opportunities for growth, all while continuing to service the amazing establishments who currently pour our beers.

Taking a moment to catch my breath and appreciate what I have worked for is a humbling moment, yet something I don’t believe one should get caught up in. It’s never wise to dwell on your accomplishments simply because it is so easy to lose track of the new ones to come.

With that, I am back on the road again today delivering kegs across southern NH, and will be behind the bar tonight to host our weekly live music. This past year required a great deal of hard work, but I know the path ahead will require even more. I welcome it's surprises.

With that, here is to our moment to look back and reflect, and to getting back at it the next day as we drive forward into Year 2.