Showing Some Love

We've been open for over six months now, and our ales pour regularly at 28 local establishments with others waiting on deck. Being a small company of four, handling our own sales and distribution company definitely keeps us busy.

While there are many ways of staying in contact with these establishments, they all have one thing in common: The human factor.

We don't have automated emails, or a set day of the week for deliveries. We strive to deliver on-demand, considering our cold room at the brewery to be an extension of those at our restaurants. We believe this adds to the quality and integrity of the product, as well as value to our customer, whether they be a restaurant manager or guest at their bar. Yes, it is a lot of work, but we've built some strong relationships as a result.

Everyone of them has become a a team member to the company; a part of our family. Not just because they give us business and sell our product, but because they care as much as we do. They will send us on our way with warm tomato soup after we deliver kegs to their cold room, or make us stay for a cup of coffee because we look tired. They help us host events, do their team-buildings at our brewery, and even open their kitchens to us to roast pumpkins. They go the extra mile for us because they know we will for them.

As I have stated in other blogs, we have a great deal of passion here at Able Ebenezer, and so do the businesses that we work with. That is one of the main reasons for our hours at the Ale Room. We close at 8pm because we like to visit the places that have given us the privilege to serve our beer there, or as Carl likes to call it: "Showing our friends some love."

So here is to the people who believe in us and our work as much as we do, and to those who have given us a chance to show what we can do.

Cheers to relationships big and small working together to create a wonderful pint.


Renaissance Man